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Photography / Video recording

We all agree that Sri Lanka is a photographer’s delight. While most beaches and local buildings are open to general photography and videoing some locations require a permit before you can take photos Entrance tickets to cultural and religious sites are available only from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. These entrance tickets will cover charges for photography, recording and parking. Your ticket rate will be quoted in US Dollars and rupee parities are subject to fluctuation.

GetAway Sri Lanka will provide you with tickets to the sites you wish to travel to without any inconvenience to you.

When taking pictures of vendors or stalls by the road, most travelers will tip them as a courtesy.

Foreign Currency Regulations

If you plan on bringing in more than US$10,000 cash into Sri Lanka, you are required to declare this to Customs on arrival. Remember that any unspent rupees converted from foreign currencies can always be re-converted to the original currency on you departure (make sure you save your encashment receipts, as these need to be produced).

Pack sunscreen…lots of it!

Sri Lanka is an island, so there are so many different ways of sunning yourself. While sun worship is essential to your holiday in the tropics, make sure you slap on some sunscreen when you flop onto the beach or poolside lounger. Your sunscreen needs to have a sun protection factor of at least 15.

Even with a strong sunscreen, sunbathing should be limited in time. Remember you are only 600km from the Equator. Non application of sunscreen can leave you with painful sunburn, and other skin ailments.

It is also strongly advised that you keep hydrated with fruit juices or bottled water.

Religious Taboos

This is a gentle reminder that Sri Lankans are very tolerant of other religions, but one has to understand and be aware of, and respectful toward, local customs when travelling overseas. You can never be too careful as sometimes an innocent action on your part could in fact lead to offence of cultural customs and norms.

Our guides will always be there to answer questions and help ease the way for you. It always pays to ask before you embark on any particular adventure.

Local Health Care and Services

Any minor health issues can be looked at by in-house doctors who are always present at your respective resort. If you plan on travelling to smaller guest houses or are a back-packer, then you can also avail yourself of excellent medical advice from any of the local hospitals or medical centre.

The city of Colombo has a selection of modern, well-equipped private hospitals that can take good care of you in the event of a more serious health issue. However, make sure your Travel Insurance covers your treatment.


All of the local resorts and hotels have pipe borne water and electricity, unless otherwise specified in their brochure.

The voltage in Sri Lanka is 230.240 volts, 50 cycles AC. If you travel with a laptop computer pack a stabilizer.

Always use your travel adapter to make sure you get the right voltage required for your electronic equipment. Most venues will have a multi-plug, but to avoid inconvenience travel with a couple of your own to avoid hassle when having to plug in your equipment into the wall-socket, as some places may only have circular sockets.


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