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Depending on where you find yourself in Sri Lanka, you will always be able to find a party nearby to entertain yourself. Don’t stress too much if your children accompany you, as Sri Lankans are very indulgent of children and you will probably find the wait-staff doing their best to amuse them and give you some time out to enjoy your meals. As the island is close to the equator, meal times are relatively late, although most all resorts and hotels will serve the evening meal around 7pm. The Full Moon Poya is a religious holiday and so no alcohol can be served on this day. Children are not allowed into Night clubs and pubs in Sri Lanka unless into specifically demarcated areas.

The nightlife in Colombo City, which is the commercial hub of the island, is usually quite prolific and relatively inexpensive. Most of the local Casinos boast they give out the highest returns, but be warned, in the words of Daniel Ocean, ‘the house always wins!’

Sri Lanka pubs also double up as great places to get a sturdy hamburger and some good local beer. Most of the Colombo pubs, nightclubs and most bars are also open for Open Mic nights, Comedy Shows, Quiz nights as well as guest gigs by local or international bands or DJs.

The music played by the resident DJ of local nightclubs will be the same as whats been played in any trendy night spot around the world. However, most bands do like to slip back into their cover versions of 60’s, 70’s, 80’ and 90’s songs occasionally (much to the delight of the local crowd). We also wish to give you fair warning that Sri Lankans like country music. A lot.Casa Colombo offers karaoke entertainment at the Voice Lounge. There is also rather romantic nightlife entertainment such as rooftop bars and dance floors in a few Colombo hotels. Just as you exit the Colombo City limits and head down towards Galle, you will also have quite a few clubs to augment the nightlife in Mount Lavinia. Request for directions, some of them are tucked away quite well.

The city also boasts a few Sports Bars that are filled to the maximum during soccer matches, cricket encounters as well as Rugby League games. The entire country grinds to a complete halt if there is an important cricket match being played. These are great days to travel as the roads are clear and hassle free.

There is always a lot happening at the Lionel Wendt Theatre in Colombo 7, if you fancy a spot of comedy or tragedy just before dinner. Some Colombo hotels also occasionally host dinner theatre. There are also musical shows and concerts that occasionally take place to boost listenership and rivalry between local broadcasting organizations. If you are in a resort out of the City of Colombo, you will also be able to book an evening’s cultural entertainment, as most hotels put on a little show with local dancing and pageantry for tourists and visitors. These shows are generally put together by the towns cultural center or by the hotel itself.


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